A&A 1.5″ 6-Port Low Profile Complete Valve

As water enters the cleaning valve, the top impeller spins the gear assembly around the housing. As the gears turn, the lower cam lifts one of the six 1.5″ T-Valves to allow water to escape through one of the ports and out through the cleaning heads. The pop up cleaning heads spray dirt and debris to the main drain and skimmer to be trapped and filtered out before returning to the pool. As the gears rotate and lift each T-Valve a new zone of pop ups is activated, providing a thorough sweep of the pool.

$546.00 each

A&A 1.5″ 6-Port Low Profile Complete Valve

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The A&A Low Profile Valve is constructed to provide optimal cleaning with ease-of-maintenance. The low profile valve features a handy see-through lid assembly to diagnose issues which also includes the Speed Control mechanism and quick stop assembly. The cleaning valve directs high-pressured water to one of the six zones at a time and exits through the pop up heads designated to that zone. The cleaning system also aids in boosting circulation with heating systems, allowing your entire pool to be heated rather than just the top section.